Morphometries: The Collected Poetical Works of Jack K, A National Poet of Little to Middling Importance

By Dr. Kane X. Faucher


from When the Organs Melt

The chorus of
This bland zeitgeist
Is the omnipresent
Refrigerator hum.
It keeps cold and sterile
The mesostrata of
Culture that resists
Nostalgifying (imagine!)…
Slapdash retro and knockoffery.

When the organ melts
Turn off the light,
Unplug the stovetop cerebrum otiosis
A bite of today, a shit for tomorrow,
A clapping of hands
The parade has passed,
An empty street
A litter-bound corridor
The wearing of feet,
And the organ melts.

About Morphometries: The Collected Poetical Works of Jack K, A National Poet of Little to Middling Importance

Morphometries is a dual-use text which features a collection of poems by Kane X. Faucher along with a "sidebar" narrative on the misadventures and eventual ruin of middling poet, Jack K, and his profiteering publisher Paul Epistolas. Meant as a wry satire on the state of Canadian Literature, readers may enjoy both the poems on their own as well as the running narrative. Percolating alongside these staged poems, devised to appear as though written by Jack Krist throughout a lacklustre career of self-indulgence, art-house experiments, and a resolute lack of finding his own reliable poetic voice, these poems are culled from Faucher's own meandering collection spanning a decade of poetic assays - some resounding, others playfully botched in the way they strike incoherent attitudes. The poems themselves may have some merit in themselves, and this establishes a tension between the derogatory sidebar proem and the content which is attributed to the failures of Jack Krist.
The selection of characters for the sidebar proem is inspired by Nietzsche's polemical harangues against the way the apostle Paul fictionalized and altered the life of Christ in order to ensure a coherent moral tablature of obedience. In this text, Paul takes the role of the publisher whose only interest is to exploit his poets for his own profitable gain. Jack Krist, as a mirror of an "authentic" Christ whose life was doubtless quite messy and contradictory to accepted scripture, finds his career as a Canadian poet at the mercy of Paul's finagling skullduggery.

Dr. Kane X. Faucher

Kane Kane X. Faucher is not from Toronto, nor does he currently reside there. He never toured with Judas Priest. He is not yet a genetically engineered 12-ton people-devouring squid, nor does he offer his seat on the bus to just anyone. He cannot be reached by cell phone or fax machine. He has never flown in a hot air balloon, nor does this interest him in the least.

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