Eye on the Universe
By Gail Gray


My beliefs, hang in this buried place,
disintegrate, brittle as ancient gauze,
tomb wrappings
caked with the leavings, the offerings
of philosophers and prophets.
My hands hold shreds of Hegel, dust bits of Sartre.
I can’t stay centered among the living dead.

Reminders: don’t believe what you see;
don’t believe what they say.
The actual world’s beauty
waits beneath the sham
it’s luster opaque beneath the hollow stare.

Once it shimmied behind a veil;
Once it quivered beneath the sea;
Once it strode between dust storms.

This is just a test.
I must remember this is just a test.

when we regain our senses
there is only awe.

Eye on the Universe investigates the interconnections between quantum
physics, philosophy, metaphysics, transcendence, the arts, purpose and the
actualization of the authentic self. As a travelogue along incompatible
tangents in a state of fluctuating paradox, Eye on the Universe exposes the
miracle in everyday life, the realm layered behind what we perceive as
"reality." Both hidden and viewed in our inner and outer universes, that
realm summons each individual, reminding them to forget their conditioning
as they awaken to remember their true core.

Gail Gray

Encomiums for Eye on the Universe:

Reading Gail Gray's "Eye On The Universe" I am reminded of Tom Clark
back when he was saying things that were worth saying. Gail's words
reach out toward the otherworldly but then return to the one we know
without getting lost. Because of this, the words speak of "universes"
you may not be familiar with, but instead of excluding you, they grab
and yank and cause you to experience a space that you would not
otherwise occupy unless Gail had brought you there.

Joseph Goosey, author of "thirteen poems written inside your local
zaxby's" and "Wet and Dripping"

Photobucket Gail Gray, grew up in Lowell, Mass but now lives in Greenville, SC, USA. She is the author of three books of poetry, The Hazard of Waking Up, Spirals in Copper, and Planetary Tension and two collections of shorts stories, Dark Voices and Memories and Monsters. She is the owner of Shadow Archer Press and the editor of Fissure, a magazine of experimental art and writing. Her short stories have been published or will be published in Morpheus Tales, Pear Noir!, moonShine Review, The Howling, Exquisite Corpse, Cover of Darkness 2009 anthology, Dark Gothic Resurrected, Sinister Tales and The Foliate Oak. Her poetry has been published or is upcoming in The Asheville Poetry Review, Counterexample Poetics, Deep Tissue Magazine, Cokefish, Exquisite Corpse, Eviscerator Heaven, Being, Big Swollen Toe, Sisyphus, Zygote Abstract Libertine, Gloom Cupboard, Main Street Rag, sein und werden, Clockwise Cat, Shoots and Vines, and the anthology, America!.

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