for good behaviour
by lars palm

                                                                                             (witch trial & (t)error)

trees spawning dark matter don't matter much anymore. any more moorings to cast off? are we talking about a revolution? something about the number of them per minute. the hour stretches into seconds. served by deadpan cops along with the summons & the rubber bullets. shedding your mortal coil. coining another phrase for excavating any number of cavities. caving in through the door. before. & after climbing that tree

About for good behaviour 

in for good behaviour i have collected a handful of prose poems. what i'm after in doing so is, maybe, to play with the borders of the form. where does it turn into essay, narrative prose, nonsense?

lars palm

Encomiums for for good behaviour 

These are wonderful parenthetical novellas. Within "a snap of ... fingers," these inquisitions -- ranging over Pinocchio to addressing cats to white colonialism in Zimbabwe -- provide a welcome "kick in the head".

Eileen Tabios

Le Roi est nu!

The King is naked. Radical ingenuity is what Lars Palm requires from his readers. In non/sensical alliterations he leads you through colorful associations, the ends of which join in an un/perfect circle, clean and transparent. And we are here because we have wanted to since long.

Anny Ballardini

These prose poems find lars palm putting together jigsaw puzzles from the pieces of history. He makes them fit by including not just history but a sense of drama, playing, and play. Dedications give the pieces scotch tape so that they may be affixed to our consciousness. Linguistic nuances make history sound like pieces of sharp, avant jazz, an analogue to Ornette Coleman except with their own rhythmic systems. It's a system to get lost in, and an extended song no one is likely to forget.

Adam Fieled

 it has been said that he's a poet & translator. it has been said that he runs a small ungovernable press. it has been said that he works in health care. all these things, & several more, can be questioned. what might be said is that lars palm lives in malmö (sweden) with his wife 

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Author photo courtesy, Petra Palm

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