Dropping the Walls for a Tenuous Linkage
By Matt Hill

from One/The Dysfunction of Moments:

Blaming becomes the new cancer of discourse
As a trajectory of disorder defaults to what?
Taking the disagreements outside no longer works either …
So many impairments due to driveling pronunciamentos,
All forfeiture reigns supreme by falsely appeasing the critics …

The flayed minions are in such a hot mess,
The Prominati turgid w/ their status inanities,
The nympho-vixens graduate into a lucid harlotry,
While A LOVE SUPREME does it up in the background …
The focus these days has fallen into some major arrearage …

These de-trendings slipping into unprosperity
Below the faux earthquake weather days,
The further falls in the social scale so sadly sanctioned …
& doing nothing only gainsays my what …?
Times such as these surely pry men’s holes …

However, it is best to move off the confrontations
In this eccentric wilderness of fiery whelpings …
Hell really doesn’t need another ground-zero,
Especially as the battlefields remain so full of fear …
Also, any fallback to Plan D will only obfuscate further …

About Dropping the Walls for a Tenuous Linkage:

Composed under the flarings of loose cullage and “disjunctive synthesis”, Dropping the Walls for a Tenuous Linkage strives towards the capture of elusive imagery slumbering within the ubiquitous white noise of our quotidian wayfarings. Representing a mixed grill of transmundane gleanings and highly-tempered vents & railings, this book promotes a caustic balance underwritten by the full stun vernacular of feral bricolage.

Bullroaring like a short block V-8 Chevy redlining down philistine boulevards in the narrow pre-dawn hours, some of these terse passages signify the countering forces of hope and sustaining love as they insinuate through the spectacle arenas of our mundane conundrums. And yet, many other stanzas are just flat out surly, albeit unapologetically proud, pronouncements of brazen survival episodes acquired on a questionably doomed mudball spinning away in galactic space.

Within Dropping the Walls for a Tenuous Linkage, emanations from street jargon vignettes & poetic whatnot channel and redistribute the collective pain and intrepid hopes through our looming mortal terminality. In the background are the grace notes & observing intensities of Beckett & Berryman, fostering an optimistically cynical courage for both long-shot players and pilgrims of the fresh metaphor.

Matt Hill

Encomiums for Dropping the Walls for a Tenuous Linkage:

Bristling with barbed insights, Dropping the Walls for a Tenuous Linkage offers a critique of everyday life under late capitalism, replete with caustic humor and lyrical openings. The vernacular has rarely been turned to such high purposes as here. It’s a testimony to the perseverance of the poetic spirit against all odds! There’s a no-holds-barred approach in this book that I find invigorating and hopeful. It seems to embody the dictum attributed to the imprisoned Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci: “Pessimism of the intellect; optimism of the will."

Andrew Joron

Matt Hill's aptly titled Dropping the Walls for a Tenuous Linkage, delves into a present tense that morphs even as it is felt. The ensuing journey, visceral-made-virtual, invents a new self into a perpetual series of refinements occurring at high frequency. The poet's sensibilities are uncannily astute, revealing the previously unimaginable to be the new reality.

Sheila E. Murphy

Matt Hill has authored four books of poetry & prose poems, several chapbooks, and has also edited two compilations of various quotations. He served as editor/publisher of the Marshall Creek Press series of experimental literature chapbooks (1995-97), and presently lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Other books by Matt Hill:

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